Energy sector services

The core competence of Heliwest is aerial services performed with a helicopter for the energy sector. Besides trimming of trees by powerlines, Heliwest also provides inspection services as well as lifting and other maintenance and installation related services.

Energy companies in particular need to ensure that they have a clear view of power lines or pipelines on the ground and that trees have not grown so big that their branches touch the cables or fall on them.

Aerial maintenance work has one significant advantage; work can be performed and keep the power flowing at the same time. Keeping the power flowing safely and efficiently are utilities top priorities.

Particularly in mountainous terrain, rural locations, wet areas and sensitive areas such as natural parks where environmental or regulatory issues are encountered aerial work is safe and efficient.

Using helicopter protects private land and roads from damage by heavy equipment making repeated trips during the work. There is less traffic in the area that would be if work would be done form the ground.

One important aspect is that aerial work is much faster than ground-based teams. The work itself can be performed much faster and moving from one place to another can be done quickly.