Asset monitoring sensors and bird markers

Climate change, resulting to more extreme weather, has made measuring the environment and the condition of power lines more important than before. Also because of increased safety and environmental regulations there is an increased need to avoid bird collisions with power lines.

Traditionally attaching of bird markers and asset monitoring sensors has been dangerous, slow, and done with power off. We have introduced a new solution to attach the sensors and Firefly bird on powered high and mid tension lines with high safety, quality, and productivity.

The installation has been done before by hand or drone, that is either slow or have other problems such as interference with the line under tension.

The method is now in a stage where we have made fully functional production demos with Digita asset monitoring for Fingrid and Caruna.

Please be in touch with us regarding more information or for a presentation.

We also search for contractors for areas where we are not active, pleas be in touch with us if you are interested!

For more information, please be in touch with us.