Branch sawing

Branch sawing is our core service. Heliwest is Finland’s most experienced partner in helicopter sawing with over 20 years’ experience in clearance flights.

An aerial saw attached to a helicopter is a fast way to trim vegetation close to power lines. It can be airlifted to remote locations that are difficult and time-consuming to access for the ground crew.

We use two types of saws attached to an MD 500 series helicopter: pruners where the blades rotate vertically, and top saws with double horizontally rotating blades.

Vertical sawing removes twigs and branches over the entire extent of the tree trunk, providing far more forest friendly peeling than traditional methods where sprigs are predominantly removed from below.

Aerial sawing is a highly productive and efficient when compared to the work of ground-based crew climbing crews or mechanical trimmers working from the ground. Our highly skilled team can trim 5-10 km on a working day.

The environmental impact of power line maintenance performed with a helicopter saw is reduced. Another advantage of aerial trimming is safety. The aerial sawing crew consists of two persons, and they are less exposed to safety incidents than a team clambering up and down the tree trunk.

Both distribution and transmission line clearance tree-trimming is an effective method to prevent power outages and storm damages.

Branch sawing video