Power line inspections

Power line inspections is a challenge for the energy sector as power lines are often in hard-to-reach places.

The energy companies usually perform a regular visual inspection to check the status of their transmission lines mainly using helicopters. The purpose is to prevent malfunctions of electric power equipment.

As well as routine patrols, helicopters can help identify damage sites after storms so that equipment can be repaired and power supplies restored more quickly.

Helicopters have an essential role to play in the maintenance and repair of the power lines, ensuring electricity supplies are safe and uninterruptible for homes and businesses.

We are an established specialist in helicopter power line inspections, and our crew can carry out checks on circuits in a day that could take on foot one week to complete.

Our highly advanced three-dimensional inspection- and reporting systems enable such features as growth models and detailed inspections, utilizing LIDAR, Photography, and infrared technologies.

Powerline inspection flights are always documented, providing secure and efficient maintenance planning measures.