Heliwest – Ensuring Electricity Delivery

Heliwest Ltd is a Finnish, employee-owned business that has specialized in offering and developing aerial services for the energy sector. When family Lindholm founded the company in 1992, it was the first to provide commercial helicopter services in the country. The company started trimming trees by powerline from a helicopter as early as 1994.

During 24 years Heliwest has aerially trimmed thousands of kilometers of trees by power lines for the energy sector. The company has grown into a multi-helicopter operation working throughout Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Central and Southern Europe.

In addition to the aerial trimming of powerlines, Heliwest also provides other services, such as lifting, building, and assembly related work on electrical towers, powerline, wind power and district heating networks, inspection and infrared camera shooting.

Our pilots have extensive experience flying the aerial saw and carrying inspections in different power line conditions and over all types of terrain. They have logged over 65 000 hours of safe helicopter flight hours.

Our flight crew and ground staff surpass industry requirements for operations and safety. Heliwest as a company meets all applicable European standards.

We conduct safety pieces of training at scheduled times during the year. Our services conform to European SPO requirements.

Continous process and product development are vital for us. Especially we are investing in own development of helicopter saws.

We are sawing in the efficient MD 500 D/E helicopters that have high lifting capacity. Robinson R44 helicopters we are using together with our UAV/ RPAS equipment.

For heavier lift jobs we also have AS350 helicopters.