Multiplatform / Drone

We offer a multitude of services using the multi-platform concept: power line inspections, mast inspections, forest inventories and wind turbines inspections.

By utilizing the best capabilities of the helicopter and the drone, we can offer our services in the most efficient way, which is least dependent on weather conditions, technology and regulations.

As an example operating with different types of aircraft makes it possible to inspect the powerlines over a longer distance in a shorter time than with a single one.

Remote-controlled or unmanned aerial system (UAV/RPAS/DRONE) is the best choice, when there are a lot of data collection points within a short distance or the environment is dangerous, dirty or confined.

A drone makes significantly few navigation mistakes, and the delays between flights are short. On the other hand, the short flight time and operating range, as well as the national aviation restrictions, limit the usability of drones.

BVLOS-operations (Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight) have in several countries own reserved airspace, which enables the use of autonomous flying robots or drones.

The effectiveness of a helicopter is superior when inspecting long straight lines or in steep terrain and on large projects. It is also unbeatable if a customer needs quick information about the destruction caused by a storm. National regulations allow helicopter flights even in the vicinity of airports and land borders.

Heliwest was the first company to launch a multi-platform concept using drones and helicopters in Europe.