Don’t just buy a helicopter saw/sawing, think about the operation model

Efficiency, safety, and quality in aerial cutting do not emerge automatically. Instead, they are the results of continuous improvement.

When we decided to focus on the services for the electricity grid companies, we started simultaneously to develop an operating model that enables us to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our operating model has been refined during the past years. Today, we use it to guide and follow holistically what we do.

Our model describes everything, for example, of sawing processes and their components in detail. It also clearly defines the objectives, responsibilities, and dependencies.

The model guides the daily work of every Heliwest employee, so we can anticipate the future and respond to changes in our customers’ operating environment in a controlled way.

“Our ambition is growing, and our goal is not only to meet but to exceed customer expectations by operating in a high-quality, safe and efficient manner,” says Jan-Erik Luther, Development Director.

One result of this consistent long-term work for developing operations is that Heliwest has been granted the ISO 14001 certification.

Elemental building stones of Heliwest’s operating model:

Personnel and training

  • All people in different positions within the organization have the necessary qualifications and the ability to influence.
  • Everyone participates in the annual training, and so as an organization, we have the best possible capability to provide services to our clients.
  • Training allows our staff to feel safe when doing challenging work, where seamless collaboration is essential.
  • The customer and subcontractor personnel also receive the necessary training to work safely and efficiently.

Helicopters and sawing equipment

  • We have defined what kind of helicopters we use. Each helicopter is equipped to be optimally suitable for the job.
  • We started developing of sawing equipment right from the start. In addition to safety and reliability, especially when trimming branches and treetops, it is essential that the saw does not tear, so the cutting surface needs to be sharp.

Our model – power-on processes

  • For us, the development has not only been fine-tuning details and different parts of operations but focusing on to holistic approach.
  • Processes not only existing in our heads but are documented and interpreted in the same way by all of us.
  • From the beginning, our crucial principle has been sawing power on. No breaks on the distribution needed. Moreover, since power on includes electricity, training is also essential.

Operating model – the digital process

  • We are continually developing what technology and operating environment are enabling.
  • We have developed a digital process where we can guide the sawing helicopter accurately based on digital data. This process allows us to cut, for example, treetops using centimeter-level accuracy.

R & D

  • Since the start, focusing on SHEQ (Safety Health Environment Quality) and on improving efficiency have resulted in more focused operations and pushed forward the development of our operating model.
  • We follow feedback holistically and in a coordinated way. This way, we know where to pay more attention and what in our model might need tuning and develop or change our tooling.


Aside from our operating model, we are proud of our work and  have  a strong company culture!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!